Changing SEO Concepts - Digital Marketing to Digital Branding

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A cellphone without voice or data signals is useless. Similarly, without digital branding, you will never earn your rewards online.

SEO, SMO, and Email Marketing are the three major concepts that were once used to bring your website’s visibility, ranking, and traffic on the search engines. Today, the digital marketing strategy has extended its essence to digital presence and branding.

Before we turn the pages, it is important to glance at the branding definition.

Your business must answer the seven most important questions to its customers.

  • What is your business?
  • Where have you come from?
  • What do you care about?
  • Who are your partners?
  • What do you expect from the market?
  • What offers do you intend to float for potential customers?
  • What do you have to build your trust in the online arena?

However, there could be several more questions bubbling in your mind. But for now, let us try to explain these to you initially.

Branding refines a lot about. The multicolor rings on the Olympics emblem or McDonald’s golden arches significantly resonate the world over.

Brand, branding, and brand identity is the procedure of designing and building an exclusive, memorable trademark. Website, social media, and logo are the three strokes that broadcast your message, purpose, and values.

Digital marketing enables you to reach your last customer living at an unknown location. Empowering your brand equity assists, you convert that one-time customer into long-term loyalists.

The brief might have confused you. There is a hairline difference between digital marketing and digital branding.

Let's find the one word for the differences.

Digital Branding:-

  • Value
  • Inspiring loyalty
  • Brand recognition

Digital Marketing:-

  • New traffic
  • Generating leads

Digital marketing is more about advertising your products and services, whereas, digital branding is about engaging customers, and establishing an online identity.

Advantages of digital branding

  • Target your audience
  • Connect with customers
  • Go viral at no cost

If you are a beginner and wish to know the thorough process to make your digital presence a success, then here are the details listed below:

Logo design

Your company or business logo defines your business.

What is your business?

The answer is your logo.

This client required a logo defining their complete profile and initiative. A signature logo, which should be enough to explain their thoughtfulness to support the planet Earth. Planting trees, afforestation, protecting natural habitats, and stopping deforestation are the main elements described in the logo.


Your virtual brochure, your website is the profile of your business. It explains deeply, assisting customers to peep inside the digital windows (web pages and content) to know about you.

Where have you come from?

The answer lies in your Website.

You care for your website visitors and customers are portrayed through colors that you selected for your web pages, theme, navigation, etc. You ensure that users’ journey on your website remains swift. Any business establishment when wants to care for their customers, thoughtfulness can glance on their website.


It defines your vision, mission, and futuristic plans to your audiences. Brand messaging is the concept that works through content writing.

What do you care about?

Your website content describes it.

Words that inspire customers to buy or trust your products need to be embedded in the website. It may be a visitor or your potential customer, everyone should find relevant and quick information wrapped in easy-to-understand sentences. Content writing describes your products, services, and business in brief by articulating thoughts in words.


Your website needs optimization following the search engines. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are your business promoters who comprise billions of users. Your search engine optimization team ensures that these billions of users’ databases find your website always.

Who are your partners?

The answer is your SEO team.

Inspiring visitors to buy your products and services is the main soul of SEO. However, with the changing trends, now, businesses want that rather than just pursuing someone to buy their stuff; they wish to portray an authentic, encouraging, and impressive company image among the customers.


You need to communicate with your customers, take feedback, meet their requirements, satisfy your irate customers, and ask them what they expect from you. Social Media Optimization is the gateway to reach your customers’ hearts and minds.

What do you expect from the market?

Your SMO team answers this question.

Gone are those days when reaching the CEO of a company used to be ‘mission impossible. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. are some of the platforms that enable customers to reach the concerning department within a fraction. Users can send direct messages, videos, and images related to their feedback or complain to the responsible managers.

Email Marketing

Your potential customers will always expect a separate lobby for themselves. Pamper them by rolling out lucrative offers. Email that delivers directly to their handsets or inbox can make them feel proud of their decision of selecting you.

What offers do you intend to float for potential customers?

Email marketing has the strength to tie your customer stronger.

When an email addresses your name personally, sent to you by a business owner appreciating your interest in their products or services; always makes you feel honored. Isn’t that correct? A piece of short information containing relevant offers, and rewards is the tool to keep a hold of your customers ever.

Online advertising

Social media marketing and search engine marketing are the two giant strategies and evidence-proven implementation that helps your website rank on the top and stay ahead of the competition.

What do you have to build your trust in the online arena?

SMM and SEM are the two guarantors of your trust.

Remember, digital marketing has changed from selling to branding. Ensure you are involved in making strategies that make a website a brand rather than just inspiring customers to purchase their products and services.

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