Threat and Vulnerability Management

Protect your enterprise by identifying and managing vulnerabilities through assessments, simulations and mitigation strategies.

  • Application Security
  • Network Security
  • Telecom Security
  • Cyber Crime Forensic

Cyber Security Solutions for your Business

Application Security

Mildain Digital Agency is a reputed firm for consulting Application Security issues. We check in detail for the vulnerabilities in the coding of the client’s application. Our aim is to create secure applications from the very beginning. Remediation is the central act to keep your application safe; for this, we provide the best of our consultants who have full knowledge, experience, and have been in your shoes, to get rid of any problem. We deliver with sessions where you can put your essential issues forward, and we promise to fix them in no time so that you can carry and run your application without any problem. Our team has expertise in writing secure codes for your future prosperity. Our automation services ensure remediation on a regular basis. You can also keep a check of your vulnerabilities and flaws if any. Our experts will provide more in-depth analyses and specialized services under the Remediation Advisory Solution (RAS). We guarantee sessions for you within 24 hours, keeping in mind your valuable time.

Network Security

It is vital for every organization to protect its network from unauthorized mishandling. Mildain Digital Agency cares for your network and, therefore, for your business. With the emergence of new technology every day, the process of networking becomes more advance and complex at the same time. Our company provides strategic plans, not only for businesses but also for administration and educational institutions. We maintain the architecture of your network in accordance with your business or institution. Our services include a wireless site survey to make sure that you access the right point of WLAN. Other than this, our team is an expert in preparing network mapping for better analyses and visibility of the complete network. We manage security services and monitor the health of your network on a regular basis to avoid any pause in your working. Our end-to-end cybersecurity is cost-effective and identifies threats timely so that it doesn’t affect your data.

Telecom Security

Telecom service providers exchange delicate and critical information, which is very important to be secured. If leaked, the organization may face severe threats. Because of this and other reasons, such as the expansion of networks or complex networks, many firms are now dependent on telecom security. Mildain Digital Agency is one such company on which you can trust blindly. We accept challenges and provide cost-feasible measures to overcome them. Our services include Gateway Security Audits, SS7 Gateways, and Process Security Review. Our team conducts Internet Data Penetration testing to ensure prevention from future attacks on the network. We promise to secure your data from theft, network abuse, illegal data interception, and unauthorized data modification. Our experts and professionals are experienced in dealing with malware (like viruses and Trojan horse), spam messages, DoS attacks, and cramming. We provide with Air Interface Penetration testing of GSM/3G. ‘User level authentication’ and ‘allowance for encrypting codes’ are core network elements on which we focus to prevent from slightest of data mishandling.

Cyber Crime Forensic

With the increasing cybercrime, almost all the institutions and organizations have hired cybercrime forensic services. Mildain Digital Agency is one of the promising companies which conduct cybercrime forensic services. We encompass the recovery and investigation of materials that are found doubtful and related to cybercrimes. This scientific branch of cybercrime forensic requires exclusive knowledge, techniques, and qualifications, which is why our company is well suited to eligible experts. Our leading team analyses the investigation in a way to set a complete picture of trails that leads to the suspects and pieces of evidence. We secure your data from leakage and have sustained an excellent rating of solving cyber crimes. We further provide with Cyber Civil cases, Cyber HR investigations, Cyber fraud investigations, and theft recovery. For future use, we keep your records safe with us with their details (time and date of the file accessed). Our procedure to check for authentication of users in high-tech. We rendered facilities of efficient and quick responses to cyberattacks so as to reduce crime and damage to your data. Our experts work consistently in their labs to keep you away from any cyber mishappening and data rupturing.

Financial Fraud Forensic

Our subordinates and experts work along with BDO’s international network. It provides our company with the advantage of helping our clients anywhere across the globe, whatever the sector or issue is. We deliver with instant responses, unlike other firms, before it’s too late so that not much damage is done. A detailed study is carried on the handling of accounts, their irregularities, and financial misstatements. It helps us to maintain and continue on a trail until the evidence is suspected worthy. Mildain Digital Agency is best suited for investigation bribery and corruption cases. We deal with full safety measures and never negotiate with your offline as well as online security. Our services also include asset tracing, and we promise our best performance for recovery as well. The client will be given a full-fledge picture of quantification of loss, and investigations on contentious insolvency matters will also be carried. We facilitate with anti- bribery and corruption (ABC) systems and advice on better recruitments.

Network/Hardware Forensic

We specialize in network forensic servicing. Our company monitors perform analyses and look for network traffic. The purpose of doing so is to gather information, detect intrusion of malware, and collect legal shreds of evidence for network crimes. The experts we provide are a professional working with all types of network designs, and therefore you do not need to go anywhere else. Mildain Digital Agency conducts an investigation on doubtful subnetworks, which are generating the suspected traffic. The process is carried until the compromised device/machine is discovered. Once attained, we then take detail forensics on the device to find out which malware was the cause of vulnerable data transmission and exchange, in what way it was affecting the client’s system and where it was transmitting information to. We further help you to reassemble your network, including all the transferred emails, files, and other data.

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