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Cyber Security Services for your Business

Cyber Security Compliance

Mildain has a team of core compliance auditors staffed with licensed attorneys that provide flawless cyber security compliance to the clients. Cybersecurity compliance means following the standards and regulatory requirements set forth by a government agency, law, or authority group. Establishing such compliance assists businesses in achieving risk-based controls on data sharing, protecting the confidentiality, and integrity of the brand. Compliance in simple terms means that the information shall be protected, stored with confidentiality, processed in secure zones, integrated, or transferred without a breach. The types of data subjected to cybersecurity compliance comprise Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Financial Information, Protected Health Information, and other types of sensitive information such as IP addresses, Email addresses, usernames and passwords, and Biometric data (fingerprints, facial recognition, and voice prints). The major cybersecurity regulations include PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOC 2, NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation, GDPR, FERPA, NIST, CCPA, and CMMC. The benefits of implementing cybersecurity compliance in the business offer protection of reputation, maintenance of customer or client trust, building customer confidence and loyalty, and assisting to identify, interpret, and prepare for potential data breaches. Book your time with Mildain for running a compliance audit to protect your business integrity.


ISO 27001 Compliance

ISO/IEC 27001 is the regulation that stands with ISMS (International Standard for Information Security Management Systems). The standard involves a dozen of additional best practices in cyber resilience and protection. Businesses that opt for the ISO 27001 compliance certification find guarding the interests of both clients and suppliers. The certified domain reduces the possibilities of theft, data loss, and disclosure. It ensures excellent risk management and a solid framework for compliance enabling a neutral evaluation of data security practices. It provides standards that are universally recognized and react to evolving security risks. Mildain uses the best compliance methodology involving gap assessment, policy drafting, risk assessment, audits, implementation, certification, and training & awareness. Booking our services assist the clients to maintain ISO/IEC 27001 compliance such as conducting regular audits and gap analysis, evaluating scope on an ongoing basis, building compliance on day-to-day operations, monitoring and evaluating framework and ISM, following proper documentation, and managing to keep in the loop everywhere.

Data Security Services

Data security and privacy risks are constantly increasing within the business fabric of many organizations. Mildain can help organizations protect critical business data from undesired access and mishandling, and secure data from deletion, ransomware, and theft. Mildain’s data security services help standardize and automate security within your processes by assessing proper data authorization, authentication, encryption methods, password management, backup and recovery process review, and by optimizing internal training programs. You get a modern-day data security ecosystem that involves sensitive solutions for data protection, the latest evidence-based methodology, and indulging various regulatory compliances. The benefits that businesses receive are data security architecture, defending the invisible perimeter, networking evolves, visibility, and data protection as the custom fit for your organization.

data security

Managed Security Services

A cyberattack can upshoot in the hammering or theft of financial data, customer information, and proprietary industry information, risking operations, hampering production and revenue, and damaging name & customer faith

Security Operations Center (Managed SOC)

Defensive your trade from cyber threats have turned out to be increasingly significant. Mildain’s Managed Security Operations Center uses high-tech technologies to supply expert monitoring and rapid retort in case of any security incidents.

Vulnerability Management (VAPT)

To lend a hand to your organization, Mildain offers an inclusive Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing service. This service identifies and addresses any probable weaknesses in your systems and networks, ensuring that your business is prepared for any security incidents.

Virtual CISO

We tender Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services, delivering expert guidance and consultation to assist elevate a company's cyber security plan. Our Virtual CISOs have wide experience in the field of information security and carry a wealth of knowledge to assist organizations to address their exclusive security needs.

Threat Hunting

In today's ever-developing threat landscape, associations must take a practical approach to cyber security to stay ahead of cyber attacks. Mildain presents advanced Threat Hunting services to assist organizations to identify and neutralize potential security breaches before they reason harm.

Security Orchestration (SOAR)

A well-organized and successful incident retort is crucial in today's fast-paced trade environment. With SOAR, security alerts, events, and incidents can be routinely composed, analyzed, and prioritized for deeds.

User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Proactive threat detection is critical to preventing cyber security incidents. Mildain offers User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) services to help organizations proactively identify and mitigate unusual or malicious activity across their networks.

Cyber Forensic Services

Complicated cases require compelling digital evidence following the four guided steps identify, preserve, discover, and present. The team at Mildain is highly skilled in protecting the domain from a data breach incident. Also, experts are resolving issues with disgruntled employees, intellectual property theft, or trade secrets, and investigating and analyzing financial records.

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PCI DSS Compliance

Mildain offers PCI DSS compliance in days, with 95% less effort. Our team is equipped with the latest tools, and techniques that provide automated evidence collection, live hand-holding, and 100% security checklist coverage.

  • Automation with live assistance
  • Audits are done in days not months
  • Expert guidance and full coverage
  • Learn to get audit-ready in a matter of days
  • Complete freedom from engagement with auditors
  • Receives an understanding of PCI DSS Compliances
  • Understanding of increasing the productive production hours

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