Website Development Requirements Checklist

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The best web design client questionnaires focus on:

  • What the site’s supposed to do for the client’s business.
  • What the site will look like.

You must prepare yourself for following Questions

  • Why do you want to have a new website, or have your current site redesigned?
  • Please describe your organization in a few sentences.
  • What is there about you and your background that sets you apart for a special (niche) group of potential customers?
  • What problems do your prospects have that your business solves?
  • Why do you believe site visitors should do business with you rather than with a competitor?
  • Do you have a slogan or tagline that clearly describes what you offer in terms of benefits or features?
  • What is your budget for this project?
  • What is your deadline for completing the site?
  • Please list the names of five other sites that you like. Why are they attractive to you?
  • Do you have a logo?
  • Features you want to provide to your Customers. few other questions

Requirements checklist on what you need to build a professional-looking website quickly and cheaply.

Target Audience Analysis

Without the strategy, no business can achieve its goals. To develop an effective website strategy, you must define website goals and carry audience analysis.

Choosing a Domain Name

The selection of a domain name/URL for your website requires consideration of four perspectives, such as:

  • Human Perspective : Should be easy to read, speak, and remember
  • Brand Perspective : Domain extension depending on the nature of business, county, or business genre
  • SEO Perspective : Relevance,Containing business keyword/s
  • Legal Perspective : Copyright and Trademark issues

Website Hosting

There are following types of website hosting:

  • Shared Hosting: You are sharing a server with other websites.
  • VPS Hosting: You are still sharing a server with other websites, but you get more capacity to handle more visitors.
  • Dedicated Hosting: You have a server all to yourself . This is often used by very large, enterprise level websites. For the rest of us, you will most likely never need dedicated hosting.
  • Free Hosting: This is provided for all fully managed drag & drop website builder we mentioned above.

Content Strategy

A good content strategy is best for the audience, and you must follow the following things:

  • Write content keeping the audience in mind
  • Write content in optimum word count
  • Consider messaging priorities
  • Motivate the audience to take actions on CTA elements
  • Tabs are a nifty way for alluring content layout design
  • Try to keep SEO content below the fold and prioritize users
  • Give space for creativity on non-SEO pages
  • Try to use natural language to support voice search

Branding Strategy

First define your brand message, brand characters, and brand components first.

  • For any brand, brand logo or symbol is essential so go for it to the graphics designer
  • Set brand theme defining brand components, such as colors, brand character, and brand story
  • Take storytelling approaches in design and content if your niche is permitting
  • Infuse brand theme and components in your web design
  • Use brand element in all your online and offline operations such as packing, marketing material, and in the entire business
  • Use the latest communication technologies to offer the best user experiences to your customer to augment your brand
  • Use social media and other online channels to spread your branding messages

Search Engine Marketing

Good SEO starts with SEO-friendly website design.

  • Optimize website for fast loading so rank high
  • URL should be SEO friendly and contain primary business keyword
  • Select appropriate hosting package and hosting provider according to technologies and niche of your website
  • Integrating CMS is the best option to provide fresh and optimized content as per need without any help of a developer
  • Use SEO Metadata in coding and alt tags for images
  • Follow the latest link building practices during content writing for web copy
  • Navigation schemes should be user-friendly and search engine friendly
  • Optimize your information architecture
  • Make website mobile-friendly using various techniques including RWD
  • Minimize scripting languages including JavaScript, jQuery, Media Query, and use HTML and CSS with best coding practices


  • Since we are doing almost all tasks online using various channels and website is at the center point. A lot of data transactions taking place on our websites including personal, financial, business data.
  • Moreover, our websites have integration of web applications, web services, LBS, IoT applications, and myriads of new tech innovations through APIs. Therefore, vulnerabilities are high, and we need to take adequate measures during web programming and designing.
  • Following universal security standards and obtaining the latest encryption technologies for your website security are required steps towards offering safe and secure web experiences.
  • A security lapse at authentication and authorization processes are known issues. Therefore, use the latest spam filters like captcha and equivalent mechanism to prevent automated bots to break your security walls and hack the system or spread viruses.
  • Application of antivirus and malware prevention software is essential on servers to prevent hacking and different injections, and other malicious activities.

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